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5 videos for you and your creativity 

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5 videos for you and your creativity 

We’ve gathered together five videos that will help you with your creativity.

Each is around four or five minutes long and packed with practical help and advice that you can apply right now.

Take a look at what matters most to you from working within the inevitable constraints to fine tuning your critical thinking skills…


We hear a lot about thinking outside of the box. But we need a box to start with. That’s where constraints can play their part. Constraints are crucial to the creative process. They give context for ideas. Often, it’s how we operate in or around constraints that tell us if an idea is good or not.

Constraints aren’t the boundaries of creativity but the foundation of it…



It’s okay to not be very good at something to begin with. That’s where practise helps. The more we do it the easier it gets. Simple. But how do we actually do it?

Effective practise is the best way we have of pushing our individual limits, achieving new heights and maximising our potential. And here’s how it works…



In some cases stress can be useful to help us focus and it can even give us an extra burst of energy. Continuous or chronic stress on the other hand shuts down parts of the brain that supports some of the functions that we need to get by and be more creative.

Get in control of your stress before it takes control of you…



Critical thinking

Critical thinking helps us sift through large amounts of information and make informed decisions.

This is a useful skill when evaluating ideas and approaches to help solve challenges. Here’s a helpful structure to follow:

  1. Formulate the question
  2. Gather information
  3. Apply the information
  4. Consider the implications
  5. Explore other points of view

Sleep & memory – 2 for 1 🙂

Do you give enough attention and care to sleep? Good sleep supports memory. Remembering and recalling relevant reference points relating to your challenge could open up new approaches. Don’t believe us? Sleep on it and see what you think in the morning.

The tips and advice in these videos will help you develop your own strategies and skills, enabling you to find the time and space to boost your creativity with a clearer, sharper mind.

“The guys at Alive understand the complexities of our business which means we don’t need to explain the detail of every project or design piece – they’re already on it, which keeps things moving and delivers the results we need.”

Emily Stoten — Head of Marketing, Selecta

“I feel like they own and care for the project as much as we do! I would not use anyone else for my creative work and think Alive is ahead of the game.”

Jo Hobbs — Communications Manager

“Thanks for all your help. We are delighted with the campaign, both in terms of the creativity and messaging but also the thought taken over the rollout of the materials. All looks absolutely fabulous!”

Sarah Crowdy — Campaign and Media Officer Communications, South East Water

“We went to ‘Alive’ for ideas on how to run a specific employee program in Europe. Alan and his team were brilliant in coming up with fresh, creative and practical approaches. The team took charge and executed brilliantly. We are pleased with the progress made so far and hope to have the same level of partnership and commitment going forward.”

Sobha — Tata Consultancy Services

“So glad that we chose Alive to create our new website. As well as taking the time to get the visual side of our requirement right, they worked with us to understand us, our business and our clients and reflect this across the site. We loved their flexible approach, which, coupled with the right level of challenge has replaced our old, clunky site with one we can be proud of. ”

Victoria Ford — Perago

“We got 'Alive' involved to help us shift mindsets across our organisation and they delivered! Using simple, clear and creative ideas the team have delivered us a campaign which has seen a dramatic increase in idea sharing and development. They’ve also played a significant role in creating a culture of shared success. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with again, in fact, we already are!”

Gavin Buckle — B&Q