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Being Alive

Where it all began…

Alive started when two guys wanted to make work a better place for themselves and all who followed.

Since those early days, our commitment to creating a warm, happy place has never wavered. We're all over that. And we always will be.

3 reasons Alive exists

1. To create great work with great people

We mean people, not clients. Because clients can mean organisations to some.

We make friends with the Andys and the Amys, the Johns and the Jos, the Sallys and the Steves. We know how they take their coffee and we know how they like their comms.

We understand what's happening in their world, we get to grips with their challenges and we support them to achieve the outcomes they're after.

2. To make work a better experience for us and for others

It's a pleasure to know that in our search for a better place to work we can help others on this journey too.

Work shouldn't be a chore. It should be an opportunity to connect, to feel valued and to experience those memorable moments that we share with our friends and families.

Through engaging, inspiring, creative communication, the working and employee experience can be improved for all.

3. To enjoy what we do and bring balance to work and life

Laughing and spending time with people you want to spend time with can happen at work. It happens at Alive!

We hope this energy shines through when we're working with you. Whether we're nattering on the phone or grabbing a coffee together.

Creativity can't happen if people feel inhibited and we try to make sure that everyone is able to express themselves. It's a priority we're proud of.

“Time has flown by since I've worked here mainly because I have fun everyday coming to work.”

Stan — Operations and Design Director

Behind the masks

Team Alive is something rather special.

Over the years, we've grown from a fired-up threesome to the team we are today — a bold blend of inspired individuals.

We're bright, honest, funny and unconventional. We're humble, happy, helpful and resourceful — where there's a challenge, we're forming a queue to crack it.

And there's a whole lot of creativity, flowing freely from our top team of quirky characters and one cheeky little canine called Winston.

That's how it is.

Just the way we like it.


Stay connected

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