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Online learning with a twist

Welcome to the Alive Academy — a convivial crowd making learning fun, accessible and enjoyable

What we offer

Top-drawer teachers

You'll hear direct from our Alive Academy experts who have worked on the subjects they'll be talking about, sharing their expertise and experience.

Lighten the learning load

Academy courses will consist of manageable bitesize videos for you to work through in the comfort of your own home (or office. Or yurt. Wherever you can get a wifi connection really) and in your own time.

Fresh mindset

Here at the Academy everything is done with a cheeky wink and an impish grin — but all designed to make the learning fun, accessible and enjoyable.

Are academy courses for me?

Yes! If you:

  • Are a comms professional

  • Wish to build on your existing knowledge

  • Are seeking out new ideas

  • Love to learn through hearing practical examples

  • Want to learn at a pace that suits you

Class starts soon!

We're enrolling for our first Academy course right now and you can sign up below to be the first to hear when it's ready to launch!