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The power of telling stories through video 

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The power of telling stories through video 

We are all storytellers.

We tell stories every day at home and at work, and we’re crying out to hear stories too. How did he propose? How did you manage that? What was she thinking? It’s how we connect and communicate as human beings.

You might not be sure how to start telling your stories, but your natural ability is already there, and it can be magnified through the use of video.

As a medium, video is a really easy way to engage your audiences with something new and to generate ‘buy in’ for a campaign or idea – whether you are talking to staff, stakeholders or customers.

But where should you start?

The best videos aren’t just someone telling the story, they manage to connect with people on a personal level and to make them feel something. It’s a simple formula but one that can deliver a clear, concise, memorable message, especially if there is an emotive edge.

And that last part is where the magic really happens – emotion. Real people, real experiences, real lives. If you can capture that, you’re on to a winner.

So that’s the theory, want to see it in action?
Some emotive videos we love

We are the NHS


We all know that NHS workers are everyday heroes and this video shares that message really well. The caring and friendly side of nursing is evident alongside the professional aspects of the job.



This is a video about painting lines on roads. Doesn’t sound too exciting, right? But it’s actually very clever and manages to hook you in straight away with a personal story. Real stories, real people and a bucket load of passion right at the frontline.

TCS Super Stars


It was our pleasure to be involved with this powerful campaign, which is full of challenges, triumphs and people pushing themselves to the limit for the greater good. A great way to celebrate the people who make TCS what it is.

South Yorkshire Fire – Our Story


This video introduces you to all about the people behind the scenes, who make the fire service what it is. Importantly, it expresses why they love what they do, and the sense of pride is palpable.

SAS – The Arrivals


Scenes from airport arrivals halls have been used in films and adverts, and for good reason! The joy and love you see in this video are very touching and something we can all relate to, which captures the audience in the first few seconds.

Derbyshire constabulary


This Christmas video has a very hard-hitting message. All you see is toys, arranged like the scene of a crash, but the voice over is from a real incident. What you hear creates the image in your mind, so you’re imagining the real scene and the implications.

What all these videos show is that tapping into emotion and accurately expressing a message is the secret to great storytelling and can create a strong, lasting impression.

If you’ve not been brave enough to pick up the camera before, then why not have a go? Jot down a few ideas, whip out your smartphone and hit record. The best way is to just start and test what works for you. Happy filming!

“The guys at Alive understand the complexities of our business which means we don’t need to explain the detail of every project or design piece – they’re already on it, which keeps things moving and delivers the results we need.”

Emily Stoten — Head of Marketing, Selecta

“I feel like they own and care for the project as much as we do! I would not use anyone else for my creative work and think Alive is ahead of the game.”

Jo Hobbs — Communications Manager

“Thanks for all your help. We are delighted with the campaign, both in terms of the creativity and messaging but also the thought taken over the rollout of the materials. All looks absolutely fabulous!”

Sarah Crowdy — Campaign and Media Officer Communications, South East Water

“We went to ‘Alive’ for ideas on how to run a specific employee program in Europe. Alan and his team were brilliant in coming up with fresh, creative and practical approaches. The team took charge and executed brilliantly. We are pleased with the progress made so far and hope to have the same level of partnership and commitment going forward.”

Sobha Varghese — Tata Consultancy Services

“So glad that we chose Alive to create our new website. As well as taking the time to get the visual side of our requirement right, they worked with us to understand us, our business and our clients and reflect this across the site. We loved their flexible approach, which, coupled with the right level of challenge has replaced our old, clunky site with one we can be proud of. ”

Victoria Ford — Perago

“Alive were there to help when we were working every hour to respond to the coronavirus outbreak. They gave us the creativity, ideas and support we needed to deliver campaigns which empowered our residents in the most difficult time most of us have ever seen, personally and professionally. The team understood what we needed, worked closely with us and delivered fast without any compromise on quality. Working with Alive has been a joy in the darkest of times and I have no doubt will have helped to save lives. Thanks team x”

Julie Odams, Assistant Director of Communications & Customers — Derbyshire County Council

“‘We worked with the team at Alive to create our staff recognition video.
At a time like this, its never been more important to share the amazing work that our staff have done and continue to do on a daily basis under very difficult circumstances. We wanted to shout about this and recognise that when the time came, South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue stepped up to the plate. We didn’t want an ordinary thank you post on social media or a basic email sent out internally, we wanted something special. Enter Alive. ”

Emma Wright — South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue

“The (Alive) team were able to creatively pull together and document (in just over 2minutes) everything our service has achieved over the last few months, from thousands of prescriptions deliveries to hundreds of phone calls made to the vulnerable. The final product was so powerful and reflective of what our service has and continues to achieve. It couldn’t have been better received within the service – thanks Alive for once again helping us to communicate our vision!’”

Emma Wright — South Yorkshire & Rescue

Thank you so much. Incredible work done at incredible speed by incredible people.
Outstanding work as ever and what a turnaround. As for the concepts – wow. These are that good it would be an insult to describe them as just good. It’s a joke, quite frankly. This is exactly the Alive effect I was after. Right now I feel like I am living in an Alive With Ideas wonderland. Thank you!”

Jack Grasby, Campaigns Manager — SYFR

“Our company is fun, we have great brands, but most importantly we’re all about our people – and I wanted an agency who would understand that and help us bring it to life through our website and other comms. Straight away I felt that Alive ‘got’ us and provided the creative inspiration exactly where we needed it, as well as the technical expertise to deliver a well-functioning website.”

Keren McCarron — KP Snacks

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Jack Grasby — South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue

“We got 'Alive' involved to help us shift mindsets across our organisation and they delivered! Using simple, clear and creative ideas the team have delivered us a campaign which has seen a dramatic increase in idea sharing and development. They’ve also played a significant role in creating a culture of shared success. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with again, in fact, we already are!”

Gavin Buckle — B&Q