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Infographic: How to Write an Internal Communication Strategy

How should an internal communication strategy be structured? What should be included? What key points should it address? 

There are some resources out there that we just wouldn't be without when it comes to IC strategy and planning because they answer those questions perfectly. When we're looking for clarity and practical guidance (both for ourselves and our clients), there's one article in particular that we refer to more than most, and that's 'How to Write an Internal Communication Strategy' from Rachel Miller of All Things IC. It happens to be the most popular post ever published on the award-winning All Things IC blog, attracting hundreds of hits daily.

We love to take brilliant content like this and turn it into a vibrant, visual resource - so we've done just that! We've created this illustrated guide to complement the original article which we hope provides a fresh look to this outstanding article... 

Thursday, October 01, 2015

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