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Infographic: creating an enviable employee experience – The Wonka Way

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people were so passionate about your business that they’d do anything to take a glimpse inside? 

A true golden ticket moment.

Admittedly, without the draw of hot chocolate rivers the job is a little tougher. But we can still drive passion in our people and excitement for our brand and our environment. It just takes a little vision and some smart storytelling... 

In a recent poll Roald Dahl was crowned greatest storyteller of all time.

The research was commissioned by Canon UK to mark the launch of its 365 Days of Summer competition to find a storyteller to spend a year identifying and living 365 new stories across the globe.

Matthew Searle, Country Director from Canon said, “Dahl may be well known for his words, but the images which accompanied many of his children’s books have helped to paint the picture for children for generations.

“As technology evolves, stories are now so much more than just the written word and people today have a variety of ways to tell their own story and make sure it lives on.”

As lovers of bold and brilliant imagery we've painted a picture with this whimsical visual to share how organisations can tell their own stories and build brilliant employee experiences by exploring how Willy Wonka, one of Dahl’s most curious characters lead his chocolate emporium…

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

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