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Virtual workshop – ‘How to master your creativity’

£800.00 (£960.00 incl. VAT)

Do you feel that your creativity has suffered a sobering slump and could do with an overdue dose of Alive alchemy?

In these remote sessions we work with you and your team to discover creative ways of approaching your comms challenges. Our trusty Director has crafted an online training session that has successfully helped many organisations look at their challenges differently. Using real life examples from the organisations he has helped, the sessions provide some insight into how you can learn to tackle challenges as your audience sees you. What they see isn’t always what you want them to.


Creativity is a vital skill for communicators (and for all roles) as organisations strive to find more interesting, impactful approaches to engage employees and external audiences. This practical but fun workshop will help you get a hold on creativity, kick-start new ideas and start a movement of innovative thinking. Many companies claim to be innovative, but they don’t always have what it takes to encourage, nurture and exploit the ideas that lead to creative breakthroughs. In this online workshop, you’ll learn how to exercise your creative side and practice being creative to come up with great ideas.

This isn’t like most training courses you’ve been on – all you need is to login and bring an open mind and plenty of energy.


  • Understand the creative process
  • Explore the barriers and blockers to a more creative approach
  • Discuss the opportunities to make time and space for more creativity
  • Learn how to make ideas stick
  • Try out different creative tricks and techniques for idea generation
  • Explore some of your own creative challenges with your team



  • Feel empowered to pull on your own creative skills and explore how you can develop them further
  • Understand the benefits of both collaboration and solo working
  • Learn new skills and techniques, demonstrated within the session, to push creative thinking



You will explore why your role(s) as a communicator is so important in creating an innovative culture and why you should be leading the creative charge in your organisation. More than this, you’ll have fun with fellow comms professionals and leave the session feeling energised and ready to push your creativity to the next level.



Our creativity workshop typically lasts about 6 hours.


Want to know more about this workshop?

Read Amy’s guest blog detailing their experience of a remote workshop.

“If you are looking to improve creativity and build teamwork, I highly recommend a session like this for your team. No matter where you are in your creativity journey, a workshop like this can give your team a boost of energy and ideas to invigorate their creative thinking.”

Amy Lilja — IC Manager, Hennepin Healthcare
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