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Comms Cookbook

£9.99 (£11.99 incl. VAT)

At Alive, we believe food nourishes the soul and brings people together. That’s why we collected flavoursome recipes and sweet stories from our colleagues and the comms community to create this glorious feel good cookbook.

Comms never tasted so good!

We believe talking about meals that matter with colleagues is like sharing a slice of your home life – it opens up new conversations, creates fresh opportunities for collaboration and deepens their understanding of who you are.

Whether it’s makeshift meal you loved as a child, a feast with friends or a dish that celebrates your culture, mealtimes are an opportunity to connect, collaborate and make memories. Our much loved printed comms cookbook is packed full of recipes that mean so much to the contributors.

When you think of your favourite dish or desert, what moments, memories or people do you associate with it? Read others stories and discover some delicious recipes by grabbing your copy.

Charity matters

As part of the cookbook project, a £1k donation was split between  two brilliant charities – The Food Foundation, and our local Trussell Trust food bank.

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