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Infographic: BUSY How to thrive in a world of too much

Curioser and curioser…!  

Are you busier than a Mad Hatter on a particularly busy day?  

If you’d like to take control of your career – and your life – then look no further. 

It isn't easy to make room for the important things in life - the people we love, fun, creativity and ourselves. This book shows you how, with practical suggestions, smart takeaways and novel ideas.

We’re sharing some curiously effective and deliciously life-changing tips from BUSY – How to thrive in a world of too much by Tony Crabbe.

After introducing the book during a recent creativity workshop, it then became the subject of CIPR Inside's very first #ICBookClub meeting on Twitter.

We put together this visually enticing taster of what BUSY has to offer, courtesy of Alice, the White Rabbit and The Mad Hatter. 

Stay Alive! And Thrive in your own Wonderland…

Monday, June 26, 2017

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