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Creativity in Internal Comms Report – Available now

 Is there a well-guarded secret to being creative at work?
Are you wondering how others are getting it right?
How are you measuring up in the creativity stakes?
What barriers are fellow comms pros facing and how are they managing to succeed?

At the end of last year we launched a global survey to delve into creativity levels in the world of internal communications. 

We focused on key sections including channels, digital, workplace environment and collaborative working. We were tickled pink by friends, colleagues and fellow communicators who shared the survey and provided their really well considered, detailed responses. From over 160 respondents spanning a whole world of industries, each offering their unique insight into creativity in their organisation, we’ve got a stack of great stuff to share with you.

We’ve collated responses and put together a valuable, practical and fun report that will help organisations across the land to work more creatively. 

What the survey reveals: A sneak peek 

  • 93% of communicators acknowledge the importance of creativity in internal comms
  • 81% say that this is reflected in the way they approach a communication/engagement strategy
  • Half currently use an ESN, most recognise its potential and plan to increase creative usage in the future
  • 69% use video but half admit it is only to a very basic level
  • Of the 20% using gamification, half plan to work on incorporating further usage into comms strategies
  • Many respondents unite over common barriers to creative working practices including opposition from leadership, time constraints, culture and budgetary issues
  • A number of respondents report a ‘skills shortage’ in terms of a lack of individuals with sufficient knowledge of creativity tools and methodologies.  

The findings from the survey are presented together with a thoroughly creative report that:

  • Challenges the concept that creativity is reserved for the lucky few
  • Looks at common barriers to creative working and ways that they can be overcome
  • Shares some light-hearted experiences of things not going quite to plan 
  • Contains personal stories and articles from internal communicators 
  • Includes a number of easy-to-implement ideas on how to introduce more creative working methods
  • Shares our own thoughts about the subject of creativity at work

Never before has it been clearer that creativity has a significant influence on business performance. And it’s now widely accepted that employees with greater scope to be creative at work are more productive, loyal and engaged than their inhibited counterparts.

With innovation and creativity featuring at the top of the list as key professional skills, perhaps it’s time to become a little more open to creative working practices… 

If you’d like to get your hands on a copy of the report, just get in touch and we’ll drop one in the post! Email hello@alivewithideas.com or call us on 01256 331021.





Tuesday, January 20, 2015

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