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Under investigation: learning comms lessons from the Line of Duty leaders


Rug-pull twists you don’t see coming, ever changing plot lines, complex curve balls and constantly changing goal posts…

Sounds familiar?

Yes, Line of Duty has gripped the nation with its ever-unfolding plotlines, but we could also be describing a week in your average organisation.  ..

Alone we are strong… together we are stronger


Who gives you permission to be happy at work?
Who encourages you to be the very best version of you?
And how do you bring it all together to work as one super team?  ..

Need to overcome a creative challenge? Tell it to the duck


If you found a colleague chatting to a rubber duck what would you think?

Time for a holiday?
Maybe they opted for a liquid lunch…?
Perhaps a visit to Specsavers is in order…?

They might be on to something…  ..

How to avoid magpie syndrome


Magpie syndrome: an irrational affinity for shiny objects. Or in the case of IC pros, the latest digital bling that promises to transform the way your business communicates. We’ve all experienced the intoxicating sensation of feeling the holy IC grail is within our grasp only to find it’s just not that simple  ..

The weird science of internal communications


Who’d have thought a simple game of tapping and listening would explain a frequent  challenge facing internal communicators? Yet it's just one example of how behavioural science can support us, either by informing our recommendations, or giving evidence to support them.  ..

Ready to go free range at work?


Many of us watched Jamie Oliver reveal the plight of the humble laying hen in 2008. 

In response we flocked to buy British free range eggs and duly changed our shopping habits. It was simple - we understood that hens working hard to provide us with food deserved a better quality of life by displaying their natural behaviours.  ..

Infographic: 7 easy ways to sharpen your comms copy


As an internal communicator you’ll have a strong grasp of the fundamentals of good copy. 

Whether you’re writing for newsletters, magazines, events, emails or the intranet, you need to create copy that engages your reader from the first word to the last.  ..

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