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The chimp and the scarf: five ways to guide your audience through change


Advances in neuroscience over the last 20 years have revealed intriguing insights into how our brains work. 

But neuroscience is a complex field. All that talk of neurons and brain synapses is enough to give anyone a headache. Anything that helps us grasp its relevance for communication can only be a good thing…  ..

Supporting line managers: are you listening to me?


It’s widely acknowledged that line managers are key to engagement and motivation. As internal communicators, coaching managers to become better communicators is therefore a fundamental function. And this support must extend not only to what they say, but how they listen too.  ..

Who’s afraid of the big, bad boss?


The perks of being an internal communicator are well-documented, but even the best jobs have a downside, and for many IC pros, it’s the senior stakeholder. But does it have to be that way?  ..

Reframe your thinking: 10 ways to capture more creative moments


If you want to live and work more creatively it could be time for a change of perspective. 

By simply reframing the way you look at things and refining your angle of view, you can achieve a deeper, more intentional level of creativity. 

Commit to thinking a little differently and consider these 10 less conventional ways to be more creative…  ..

The inconvenient truth about presentations


PowerPoint presentations don’t usually make great movies but there is one notable exception: Al Gore’s 2006 Oscar-winner An Inconvenient Truth, whose sequel arrives in cinemas this month.  

Gore’s film not only exposed the dangers of climate change to a new audience, it also showcased the potential of presentations as a persuasive tool. 

For communicators, there’s lots to learn in how Gore frames his message and the influencing techniques he uses. But equally impressive is his assured manner in delivering his message.  ..

Why so serious?


As comedians from across the UK travel to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival, we take a closer look at what internal communicators can learn from the masters of comedy.  ..

Perfect pairings: how mentoring opens minds and makes us better communicators


Many things work well together. Jelly and ice cream. A cold beer on a hot day. Simon Cowell and his ego. All in perfect harmony. 

They’re relationships so well ingrained we don’t give them a second thought. But what about pairings that might seem a little odd? We’re not talking about cheese and banana sandwiches here, but the world of mentoring.  ..

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