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Telling the Selecta Story

Founded in 1957, Selecta has grown to be Europe's largest vending services company, serving food, snacks and beverages to over 5 million consumers a day, whether they are in the workplace or out and about. Selecta gives consumers a fresh experience every time thanks to 140,000 vending machines managed out of 250 local offices in 21 different countries.

Since the very early days of Alive, we’ve been providing creative services and support to Selecta’s ongoing sales and marketing activities. We’ve developed an in-depth knowledge of Selecta’s approach and what makes them different in their market place, and we understand exactly what they’re looking to achieve with each project we undertake. We share and open and honest relationship which helps identify challenges in projects and resolve them swiftly. Close enough to feel apart of things but with enough distance to offer the outsider’s perspective.

"We’ve worked with Alive for many years and they’re an essential part of the team. They add fresh perspective and bring the energy and creativity that’s vital when we’re working through challenges and creating new campaigns. " - Emily Stoten | Head of Marketing

Continually evolving, innovating and developing new vending solutions means that Selecta is always planning the next great service to share with their customers and consumers.

Working predominantly with Selecta UK and supporting Group brand and marketing based in Switzerland, projects have included:

  • Creation of group corporate brand guidelines
  • Development of an interactive sales tool to support business development and sales
  • Consumer focused campaigns supporting client brands such as John Lewis, Lloyds, Travelodge, Premier Inn and De Vere
  • Trade press advertising, sales literature and user interface designs

We help to tell the Selecta story by taking initial thoughts and concepts and turning them into something special – vibrant, tangible and effective marketing that supports sales both to their customers and consumers.

We continually drive forward new ideas, developing the personality of Selecta’s brand and supporting them with product campaigns, shaping messages, sales and marketing support and new product launches.

An ongoing partnership ensuring Selecta remains on track with their plan to create a retail experience that goes far beyond the traditional image of vending.

‘The guys at Alive understand the complexities of our business which means we don’t need to explain the detail of every project or design piece – they’re already on it, which keeps things moving and delivers the results we need.‘

Emily Stoten | Head of Marketing