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Making Rother Active!

With over 90,000 residents, Rother District covers the eastern area of East Sussex, sharing a border with Kent. Rother District Council wanted to change the behaviours of local residents by providing access to activity groups and healthy living resources. Introducing creative ways to lead a more active lifestyle was top of the agenda!

Key elements included:

"We were impressed with the ideas that Alive With Ideas presented to us and are delighted with the site, its appearance and its functionality. We see the site as a key element of our overall Active Rother plan in communicating both to residents and partner organisations about physical activity opportunities and projects." - Stuart Ramsbottom
  • An individual approach to becoming more active
  • Local provision and available support
  • Family or peer group pursuits
  • Using activity to improve physical appearance
  • Advice on how to fit activity into a busy lifestyle

Main challenges involved:

  • Recruiting and publicising local activities
  • Barriers such as lack of motivation or limited accessibility/affordability

Our first task was branding and identity, presenting ‘Active Rother’ as positive, friendly, supportive and informative, offering ways for activity providers to promote their services and for the public to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle. We represented this through an eye-catching logo, symbolising both a heart and a map pin.

We engaged the 3 P’s - Partners, Providers & Public. Encouraging partners and providers to offer incentivised services, populating the new website with their details, sharing on social media and making it super easy for the public to get involved. The website was also used as a tool for sharing valuable nutritional advice and general wellbeing information.

We kicked off with the Activity Fair, a fun and engaging event to sign up activity providers, organisations and clubs to the website. The event was advertised using striking posters and pop-up banners. Alive attended to launch the website and help with the sign-up process. Press ads, outdoor media and online advertising supported this stage. We also created marketing support tools for partners and providers in the form of branded templates to use as advertising material.

Active Rother work example 

And we didn’t stop there! The next stage involved a focused ambient media campaign. This was particularly appealing as it offered the opportunity to engage with specifically targeted areas where it was least expected. Pavement racetracks and sport inspired street statues were among the ideas chosen by Rother DC to inspire the public.

The subsequent social media activity we implemented was initially a very short-term measure but its success resulted in this element being extended by Rother DC, long past the initial drive.

The campaign was a great success, ending on time and within budget with a loud and clear message – Anyone Can Get Active!