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PPL Annual Performer Review

PPL licence recorded music played in public, distributing the fees collected to their performer and record company members. They are the global leaders in international collections and have been collecting global performance royalties* for over 10 years. In that time PPL has collected over £160 million in global royalties* for their members.

A fabulous relationship has been formed with the team at PPL having been initially tasked with revolutionising existing marketing material and a number of business resources.

We were approached by PPL to devise and produce creative material to support an international marketing and advertising campaign. Elements included leaflets, print ads, digital display ads and Powerpoint templates. The new material needed to give consideration to existing brand guidelines, taglines and some pre-existing artwork.


" I genuinely think this is the best document PPL have produced by some way. It’s excellent! It works really well and is so well designed. Thank you!"

Key considerations included:

  • Operating within a highly regulated and cautious environment
  • Devising a creative route that would be instantly recognisable as PPL
  • Transforming official documentation into engaging and stimulating material
  • Collating and presenting data from a large number of third parties
  • Striking the balance between the conservative and cautious nature of the business whilst introducing a fresher, more dynamic and vibrant quality

After successful implementation of the advertising campaign, the next project involved the production of an Annual Performer Report to support the Annual Performer Meeting. The priority here was to create a whole new experience, updating the appearance of previous reports and presenting the data in a much more inspiring and inviting way. We also created a fully branded, cutting edge digital version of the report, packed with highly interactive elements; popups, scrollable text, vibrant visuals and engaging video, all available across multiple platforms and providing PPL with in-depth analytics such as issue opens, page views, dwell time, social sharing and link clicks.

Subsequent projects have included:

  • Creation of materials promoting development opportunities to employees, raising awareness of the courses available and creating an appetite for self-development within the business
  • Production of sales material for use in client pitches, showcasing PPL’s services in a clear, concise and compelling way, incorporating vibrant visuals and revitalised copy

We’re looking forward to many more exciting projects in the future as we help PPL define themselves as the distinct leaders of their industry.

*Global royalties/global performance royalties are also known as ‘neighbouring rights’.