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Nominet .uk launch campaign

Nominet is one of the world’s leading Internet registry companies with their head office in Oxford. They manage the .uk domain space and are expanding into the running of other domain name registries. The .uk domain name is the newest product in the UK Domain Family and was officially launched in June 2014. Over ten million existing customers have now been offered the shorter equivalent of their current address.

Having initially connected with the chaps at Nominet on social media, we were asked to create a campaign to help Nominet launch the .uk domain name. An external campaign was already well underway and Nominet was looking to create a complimentary internal buzz around launch day to help raise awareness of the new shorter, sharper domain name amongst their staff.

" Alive worked with us on the internal launch for our new .uk domain. I was impressed that they quickly grasped what we were looking for and devised a creative concept that really got our people talking. Their design work for the project was especially attention grabbing." - Phil Spray | Social Media & Internal Comms Lead

Key elements included:

  • Integrate the internal campaign with the wider, external product launch
  • Educate staff on the features of the new .uk domain
  • Raise awareness amongst staff of the benefits that running the .uk domain will bring the business

Main challenges involved:

  • Working within existing brand guidelines to create something new and inspiring
  • Engage with all departments of the organisation
  • Motivate employees to get involved

We were provided with a set of brand guidelines along with the challenge of working within them, whilst adding a twist, creating something new and exciting that would engage an internal audience. After a tour of the head office and a thorough review of Nominet’s messaging as well as the general content of their marketing material, we started the ball rolling with a selection of concepts. Our ideas reflected the exciting introduction of a positive new phase for Nominet and were all about the .UK.

The chosen concept involved a number of elements including strikingly visible, internal and external graphics upon arrival at work, ‘passport control’ at the entrance where employees were issued with their ‘passport’ and boarding pass plus various travel documents carrying information about the day and the .UK launch and branding of office areas to carry key messages about the positive steps.

A beautiful relationship has now begun! As a result of our successful launch campaign, we’ve now been tasked with managing Nominet’s forthcoming team event. 150 employees from 3 different sites coming together for a fun and engaging day! Watch this space for further details…