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Nominet – 'Making Tracks' day event

Nominet is one of the world’s leading Internet registry companies with their head office in Oxford and several other sites located across the south. They manage over 8 million domain names including the .uk domain space. Nominet also works closely with national and international organisations to find ways of making the Internet a better and more secure place to operate.

Nominet wanted to create a buzz within the business, exploring the behaviours that are important for the company’s future and bringing them to life for their people. The event would need to be focused on building team spirit and the sense that Nominet is a great place to work, creating opportunities for leaders to deliver key messages.

" The event provided employees with an experience to unite over, time away from the office together creating stories to remember and relive throughout the business."

We focused on four areas:

  • Developing an overarching theme to encourage adoption of the defined behaviours
  • Locating a suitable, practical, yet inspiring venue
  • Defining memorable activities for the day to create a unified experience
  • Providing ideas to support the business and its people, post event

We presented a number of initial concepts, a variety of themes and activities, a selection of uniquely different venues and a stack of brainstormed thoughts and ideas.

We built up towards the big day with a number of considerations to demonstrate the behaviours and encourage collaboration - warm-up activities, workshops, team briefings, microsites and promotional material to display around the office environment.

Comprehensive project plans were created, covering every little detail in the run up to the event, the day itself and post event activities, keeping everything on track.

The day itself focused on a specific challenge - a Charity Bike Build, a unique team building activity designed to engage, inspire and energise employees. The aim is for participants to gain the skills necessary to safely and competently build a bike together. The bikes are then donated to a local charity.

When the big day arrived we gathered some great material, positive quotes, comments and staff testimonials for future use, creating engaging videos to demonstrate how employees felt about the event and the organisation.

‘What I loved about today was bringing everyone together across different departments.’

‘I really take away the importance of collaborating within Nominet.‘

‘It’s really nice to have the opportunity to get away from the office and work with people you don’t normally get the chance to meet.’

We brought together 150 employees from different sites for a whole day of energised activities, highlighting Nominet’s key business behaviours. Teams have been able to take back highly memorable moments and crucial key messages, helping to define and drive business objectives.