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Driving ideation worldwide!

For a multinational organisation employing more than 57,000 people, collating and managing ideas from its employees is a tough challenge. Innovation is a driving force, influencing every aspect of the business. Encouraging a culture of open ideation to generate more diverse input from employees is a top priority.

We were tasked with spreading the word about IdeaLab, creating a feeling of excitement and anticipation and then driving engagement and involvement throughout the campaign. The plan was to crowd source ideas from the four corners of the globe to drive innovation and ultimately help develop consumer-loved products.

‘The idea was to run a pilot scheme, addressing 2 specific challenges, inviting 1000 people to participate across 10 countries over a period of 5 weeks. ‘

We set about creating:

"IdeaLab has been a huge success simply because YOU have made it so!" Jon Hindley | Head of Exploration
  • A clear process to follow
  • A concise set of key messages and visuals
  • Energy – around a time-framed period
  • Stakeholder presentations
  • Bold branded visuals for office environments
  • A lively animation explainer video
  • Motivational email invitations and weekly updates on progress
  • Deskdrops and other literature to draw attention
  • Vibrant infographics to present the results of the campaign

The results speak for themselves

Engagement with IdeaLab went way beyond initial expectations. As a result, the campaign generated 199 ideas, 1200 idea views and over 18,000 votes leading to two winning ideas. Incentives were awarded and the originators of the winning ideas were given the opportunity to work with the product development team to progress the idea.

All ideas submitted will be reviewed, categorised, and assessed against other product innovation needs, and will be explored further with a view to implementing other new innovations.

There are plans to repeat the campaign periodically, addressing specific challenges and involving diverse cross-sections of employees from across the organisation.