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Ready to go free range at work?


Many of us watched Jamie Oliver reveal the plight of the humble laying hen in 2008. 

In response we flocked to buy British free range eggs and duly changed our shopping habits. It was simple - we understood that hens working hard to provide us with food deserved a better quality of life by displaying their natural behaviours.  ..

The dark side of office design and 5 tips to address it


Google has its slides. Facebook has its sweet shop. Innocent has its fake turf and picnic tables. But it's not just tech companies and trendy start-ups that are revamping their office space to create better environments for innovation, collaboration and productivity.


Have You Found Your ‘Goldilocks Zone’?


For many organisations, establishing just the right working conditions for happy employees, optimum performance and creative output is a tough task.  ..

Office Spaces Winning Top Innovation Awards


We keep a close eye on what’s happening in the world of design. Particularly when companies are recognised for leading the way in creative and inspiring workplaces. ..

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