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Infographic: Tell Grrreat Stories


According to Author Todd Henry, the old adage that leading creative people is like herding cats is wrong. It’s more like herding tigers.  ..

Fixing feedback


As if hearing footsteps behind you on a dark night, the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.  ..

Supporting line managers: are you listening to me?


It’s widely acknowledged that line managers are key to engagement and motivation. As internal communicators, coaching managers to become better communicators is therefore a fundamental function. And this support must extend not only to what they say, but how they listen too.  ..

Supporting line managers: nurturing the chimp within


Have you read The Chimp Paradox?

If you haven’t, you should. It’s a game changer. 

As comms pros, we have a responsibility to support others with their communication skills. 

We're always on the lookout for creative and interesting ways to do this.

And this model is a winner.  ..

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