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Infographic: How to Create Engaged, Happy Teams


Engaging people, creating a great place to work, having a happy workforce, are they all the same thing?  

It seems obvious - if you have a happy workforce you have an engaged workforce, but what does engagement or even happiness actually mean? And how can we make it happen?  ..

Infographic: 10 Ways to Help Your Ideas Blast Off


Ideas – they can be elusive little devils.

But we can’t do without them. We need them to make the world go round. 

So how do we make them happen, and have more great ideas more often?  ..

Infographic: How to Master the Town Hall Meeting


The town hall meeting is intended to generate rousing and lively dialogue, discussion and debate but the result can end up being a ‘dumping of information’ on disengaged employees who would rather be somewhere else. That’s entirely missing the point of a town-hall meeting!  ..

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