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A lesson in PR from Melissa McCarthy


Fictional political press secretaries have long been immortalised on our TV screens. We’ve aspired to the smart, funny and kick-ass West Wing press secretary, CJ Cregg, and despaired at the antics of the apoplectic Thick of IT’s Malcolm Tucker.  ..

Dusting off the DeLorean – how IC pros can become time travellers


Ever wished you could time travel? Chances are if you work in internal communications, you already do. And when you spend your days zipping back and forth from the CEO’s vision of the future, to the employees living in the here and now (not forgetting the ones still living in the past), the old comms DeLorean racks up quite a few miles….   ..

Fear, Creativity and Human Flourishing


When you think about fear, what pops into your head? Is it creepy crawlies? Is it mysterious bumps in the night?
Or is it the fear of failure?  ..

Infographic: 10 Ways to Help Your Ideas Blast Off


Ideas – they can be elusive little devils.

But we can’t do without them. We need them to make the world go round. 

So how do we make them happen, and have more great ideas more often?  ..

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