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What can we learn from the John Lewis Partnership?


John Lewis

The John Lewis Partnership celebrates its 150th anniversary this year. And after a record Christmas, with a 7% sales rise and annual bonuses of 15% announced last month, it seems they’re doing rather well at such a ripe old age.  ..

Unleash the B&Q in you


Unleash the B and Q

B&Q have taken a refreshing approach to their latest TV spots. Positive and empowering! The ads are instantly recognisable as B&Q even though they are a massive departure from what has previously been produced. This is due to a branding gem that has been ‘dug up’ – the iconic orange aprons. Great to see an approach that injects personality and a touch of humor into a market sector that has been waiting for this for a long time. ..

The Myths of Creativity



The ‘Cultivating Culture’ blog series from Alive! Developing a culture of innovative ideas generation and creative thinking features highly in today’s internal communication strategies. But how can we actually encourage creativity effectively in order to enhance engagement, improve processes and achieve business success?  ..

Sharing the image love…


Sharing the image love

We've pulled together a small selection of images that we love right now. We'd really like to 'share the love' and credit those responsible for the work but unfortunately we don't know who created them all! Enjoy the visual feast! ..

Shiny new ESN


Unleash the B and Q

The ‘Cultivating Culture’ blog series from Alive. “Employees, meet our shiny new ESN (Enterprise Social Network) – let’s connect!” ..

The Rampant Moose Muse


Moose Muse April

Welcome to ‘The Rampant Moose Muse’ – powered by Moose Juice! I'm the resident Moose, hanging on the wall above the fireplace at Alive HQ. I miss nothing. It takes more than just a fly on the wall to watch over this lot! So I'm going to give you the inside track into what's going on. It's time to spill the beans; after all, what’s the point in doing stuff if we don’t talk about it? ..

Get creative, spread your wings and engage!


Get creative

Highlighting new initiatives and offering a variety of communication methods is a great way to keep your company culture alive and kicking. And when you’re looking to fire up your team and unleash the potential of your employees there really is more than one way to skin the company cat!  ..

Entrepreneurial Owner of Creative Design Agency Inspires Local Students and Apprentices


Design agency inspires

Basingstoke, UK, January 2014 – Alan Oram, Creative Designer and Director of Alive With Ideas visits Basingstoke College of Technology to support the students, offering some constructive advice and direction, inspiring creativity and igniting an enterprising spirit amongst the young people attending. The Basingstoke-based business is also seeking several new apprentices to join the thriving team at their local studio.  ..

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