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A lesson in future proofing


How often do we as internal communicators take the time to look ahead and consider what skills and knowledge we might need to future proof our jobs? ..

Fear, Creativity and Human Flourishing


When you think about fear, what pops into your head? Is it creepy crawlies? Is it mysterious bumps in the night?
Or is it the fear of failure?  ..

Infographic: How to Create Engaged, Happy Teams


Engaging people, creating a great place to work, having a happy workforce, are they all the same thing?  

It seems obvious - if you have a happy workforce you have an engaged workforce, but what does engagement or even happiness actually mean? And how can we make it happen?  ..

Supporting line managers: 5 Pearls of Wisdom to Inspire Better Comms


As an Internal Communications Manager, a crucial part of your role is to ensure that your line managers are adequately coached and sufficiently developed in the fine art of communication delivery. 

You need to ensure they are fully prepared to deliver comms in the most impactful and meaningful way. So to help them help you, we’ve put together five ways that you can support your line managers' development as skilled communicators.  ..

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