Alive Campaigns

Innovative ideas are the cornerstone of mighty campaigns. Our clients, from both public and private sectors think we're pretty fab at coming up with jaw-dropping concepts, getting them noticed and achieving highly impactful results.


At Alive, we’re masters of composing and cultivating creative, multi-channel campaigns across a plethora of industries and environments, from initial conception and visual approach, to clear, defined messaging, integrating both digital and traditional media. We make deeply meaningful personal connections and generate bold, decisive action. And we don’t just tell you that we’re
creative… we ooze creativity from our fingers to our toes.

We collaborate closely with our clients to propel new brands into the world, supercharging marketing strategies, nailing public relations plans and championing new products, services and causes. We create consistent designs across all channels with slick, logical and compelling content that can be easily adapted to suit different mediums.

We know many businesses have learned the hard way that what works effectively in traditional marketing may not translate so well in digital terms, and vice versa. So we develop an intimate understanding of you and your target audience to select the most suitable combination of channels and communication methods.

Our campaigns include:

" I would like to thank Alan for his unstinting support on our ground breaking engagement campaign ‘Let’s Talk About’ which would not have got off the ground without his brilliant design ideas, hard work and commitment" - Jo Hobbs | Bedfordshire Police
  • Brand Communications
  • Visual Identity
  • Ambient Media
  • Literature
  • Direct Mail
  • Advertising
  • Point of Sale
  • Packaging
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Sales Support Materials
  • Exhibitions & Environments

We recognise that it’s more important than ever to deliver your message to consumers in a bold and impactful way. A rather challenging task if you’re working within a tight budget… and who isn’t? So we squeeze every last drop from your marketing spend, fully optimising your ROI.

And crucially, we track outcomes, undertaking campaign evaluation to get under the skin of those all-important results.